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13 buildings

You can choose best option for you!

We manage many Chillhills Apartments complexes within Brno so you can choose by location, number of housemates or price.

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Everything is arranged by us!

At Chillhills Apartments, you don't have to worry about who handles repair problems or what to do if someone moves out of your apartment. And most important is that everything can be arranged online with us.

Chillhills Apartments aim is to improve the housing situation for students and young people. That's why we carefully select suitable apartment complexes wherever we operate. We understand that everyone's idea of ideal housing is different, which is why we try to ensure that our offer is diverse. Some people prefer to live in the city centre, others in quiet area. You can also choose based on the size of the apartments, the number of roommates, the amenities, and last but not least, the price.

We started our first apartment complex in 2013 in Brno and since then we have been constantly improving and expanding our services. What we promise, we deliver and if a problem arises, we face it. We try to make everything clear and understandable for you (including contracts and terms and conditions). We know you prefer to communicate online, so we're gradually bringing all housing-related paperwork online so you can work with it when it suits you.